Goodform is proud to be working with Carr Golf, the leading UK & Ireland golf services group, to understand more the changing needs of the modern day golfer. Our brief; to uncover how member and visitor experiences can be further improved across the Dublin-based group’s portfolio of golf courses.

With data and customer insight sitting at the heart of the project, Goodform carried out a series of round table consultations and focus groups with active golfers within the greater Dublin-area. Supplemented by an online survey to the group’s customer database, Goodform is uncovering how various factors influence sentiment and decisions made by golfers across a range of demographics.

The project identifies golfers’ motivations for choosing which courses to play and join, what influences members’ decision to renew, engagement preferences and what improvements are required to ensure the Irish group exceeds the expectations of differing customer needs in each of the courses it manages and maintains.

Our findings and recommendations will support Carr Golf focus investment in areas that will make a difference, by evidencing the impact change, innovation and improvements will have on customer experience and member retention. The project is due to conclude at the end of October, keep an eye out for further news.

You can read more about this in this month’s Ireland Golf Digest at

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Brentford FC are keen to understand their customers and the ways in which they can improve aspects of their engagement with the club. Goodform worked with Brentford to establish key pieces of research to provide them with useful insight into match day experiences, digital experiences and brand awareness to support decision making for the upcoming season.

Match Day Experience – To evaluate Brentford’s match day experience, Goodform implemented a programme of short standardised surveys to be sent to a sample of attendees following each home game. The surveys highlighted positive feedback on pre-match information and overall satisfaction with the experience. Looking into comparisons by ticket type and investigating links to performance on the pitch, Goodform were then successful in providing detailed findings and recommendations.

Digital Experience – Due to upcoming changes in digital platforms, Goodform worked with Brentford FC to review users experience across all platforms, particularly taking into consideration the age profile of users. The survey allowed the club to identify simple ways in which to improve the short term experience of users, whilst informing the needs and wants of longer term digital audience.

Brand Awareness – Goodform worked with Brentford FC to assess the awareness of the brand both locally and nationally. This was achieved by undertaking research outside of the normal fan base through our own sports fan panel and by accessing a sample of contacts within west London. The findings have created a benchmarking report that has established a number of key metrics which the club aim to use to track ongoing brand awareness.

Kurt Pittman, Director of Marketing at Brentford FC commented, “The work we did with Goodform is now allowing us to make evidence-based decisions to expand our fan base. The insight gained from all three pieces play an important role in shaping our ongoing strategies for fan engagement and club growth.”


Following several years of successfully supporting British Athletics with a post-event research programme for their indoor and outdoor events, Goodform have added pre-event research for the 2016 British Athletics event series.

The approach taken was similar to the pre-event research that Goodform conducted for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The pre-event research focusses on travel, timings, communication, intentions and expectations as ticket purchasers were asked to take part in a survey 4-6 weeks ahead of the event. These surveys are only live for 48 hours, the short nature of these allowing findings to be quickly shared with British Athletics to influence the preparations for the events.

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