Sports Fan Panel delivers insight to the LTA

Goodform recently carried out a research piece on behalf of the LTA, utilising the Sports Fan Panel to gain feedback on British Tennis Membership from a wider audience than those who already have touchpoints with the LTA.

The LTA is looking to refine the British Tennis Membership offering to ensure that it meets the needs of a wide range of tennis players and fans – not just those who are already engaged with British Tennis. Via a short survey to the Sports Fan Panel, the LTA was able to get feedback on their membership from almost 1500 sports fans. This feedback was used to corroborate a piece of research conducted among existing British Tennis Members, and followed on from a previous survey to the Sports Fan Panel carried out by Goodform in December 2015.

The Sports Fan Panel is available for use by organisations in the sports industry who are looking for quick and accessible insights. To find out more about this, or the recent research project, please call us on 01926 458 180 or email us at