VAR so far: How have fans’ views changed?

With the 2019/20 Premier League season well underway, our latest Sports Fan Panel assessed the impact of VAR technology on the Premier League, comparing fans’ views before the season started; to their views now. The results show how fans perceive the technology to be faring in its inaugural season in the Premier League.

In the first survey, 50% of fans thought that VAR would have a positive impact on the Premier League (22% negative). However, after four game weeks, our follow-up survey found that just 31% of respondents felt that VAR has had a positive impact (34% negative) – suggesting that it hasn’t had the impact that fans were expecting.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) have revealed that there have been 475 incidents checked by VAR in 80 Premier League games. The most recent decision to be overturned by VAR is that of Jordan Ayew’s goal against West Ham United, the fourth overturned decision to award a goal this season. It is understood that referees are satisfied with VAR’s introduction in the Premier League, but what are the views of the fans attending the matches or watching on the TV?

Fans in the stadium

Of those who have attended a match where VAR has been used, 42% believe that it had a negative impact on the game, with 74% stating that they did not receive enough information and 61% stating that the decision took too long. The latter was identified as a main concern in the first survey, when 85% of fans were worried that VAR would take too long to make a decision. In order to ensure fans are aware of why a decision is being reviewed, 70% of fans believe that showing the incident on the big screen would help to provide fans with more information.

Fans watching on TV

In contrast, of those who have watched a game on TV where VAR has been used, views are split on the impact it has had on the game – 45% of fans believe that it has had a negative impact and 45% believe it had a positive impact. In comparison to those fans in a stadium, 60% believe that they were given enough information, but 63% still think that the decision took too long to be made. To improve the technology and ensure all fans know what is going on during a review, 78% of fans believe that audio of the referee talking to the VAR assistants would help to improve the fan experience.

As we progress through the season, each VAR review could be the difference between clinching that final Champions League spot or avoiding relegation. Should there be more review areas to ensure every contentious moment in a match is reviewed? VAR has been introduced with just four review areas so far: goals, penalty decisions and direct red cards. However, when asked which other areas should be reviewed, fans felt that violent conduct and diving should also be reviewed.

It’s early days yet, and it remains to be seen how VAR will fare as the season draws on. Our Sports Fan Panel will return at the end of the season to see how perceptions of VAR technology have evolved and whether fans’ opinions have changed.

Formula 1 and Goodform shortlisted at the MRS awards 2019

The Market Research Society have announced their prestigious shortlist for the 2019 MRS Awards – with Goodform and Formula 1 making the shortlist for their global fan community, F1 Fan Voice.

The Market Research Society is the UK’s professional body for research, insight and analytics, with their awards recognising best practice in market research across all sectors. F1 Fan Voice is one of just four entries shortlisted for “Best Business Impact – Global” at the annual awards, with this category recognising clients or organisations that use research to make a real and lasting impact on their global business and operations.

The shortlist includes:

  • BBC World Service
  • Condé Nast
  • Formula 1 & Goodform
  • Shell & Kantar

The MRS Awards celebrate research’s ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results – and the celebration for the Awards will take place on Monday 2nd December 2019.

For more information on the F1 Fan Voice and the value it adds to Formula 1, click here.

For more information on the awards and the other companies that made the shortlist, click here.

Join the Goodform team: Designer position available

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, proactive and creative Designer with clear and effective written and verbal communication skills to join the Goodform team.

As a part of the marketing team, the successful candidate will play a key role in the management and development of the Goodform brand across all channels. You will also play a central role in the development of marketing campaigns and digital projects, including email, website, apps and social, for Goodform’s impressive client list.

What working for Goodform means:

  • Working for a leading CRM, Insight and Sports Marketing Agency in the UK
  • Working within the sports industry alongside leading Sports Organisations, Rightsholders and National Governing Bodies
  • Working in a professional, friendly and supportive environment with an open-plan office
  • Working in a fast-paced and passionate environment

For further information on the role, it’s responsibilities and applicant requirements, please follow the link below.

To apply for this role please email your CV, portfolio and a covering letter to using the subject line: Designer Application

Closing date for applications: Friday 27th September 2019

UK football fans views on the use of VAR

The 2019/20 Premier League season gets underway tonight and will be the first English division to use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology. Here, our latest Sports Fan Panel findings tell us what UK football fans really think of VAR.

The survey looked at topics such as the standard of refereeing in the premier League, the impact of VAR technology on the Premier League and fan experience and the importance of VAR technology on referee decisions.

Most respondents (96%) stated that they have disagreed with a big decision a referee has made during a match but over half of fans agreed that they enjoy the controversy and debate that refereeing mistakes produce.

A major talking point in football over the years has been the extensive player protests after a referee has made a decision. Indeed, three quarters believe that player protests actually influence referees, and when it comes to VAR, only 2 in 5 believe it will eliminate player protests about referee decisions.

Whilst only 10% of fans think that VAR has been ‘very successful’ when it’s been used in other competitions to date, the cautious consensus seems to be that VAR will have a somewhat positive impact on the Premier League. When asked which scenarios are the most important for VAR usage, goals and penalty decisions came out on top – and over three quarters of fans would also like to see it used for foul play, which is not within its scope currently.

When it comes to the impact of VAR on fan experience, 47% of fans think VAR will ease fan frustrations with wrong decisions but 44% think it will make fans reluctant to immediately celebrate goals. Will this influence the atmosphere within stadiums in the Premier League?

Our research suggests that it is the way that VAR is employed during matches that will make or break the fan verdict – 85% identified the length of time it takes to make a decision as a concern, with 3 in 4 fans think that a VAR review should take no longer than 2 minutes to ensure the game doesn’t stop for too long. Only 7%, however, would want to see the game continue whilst the decision is being made.

Over the course of the season’s 380 games, fan views will surely shift – in which direction remains to be seen, but our research will continue to track and explore attitudes to one of the biggest changes to the nation’s beloved Premier League in recent years.

For more information on the Sports Fan Panel, please contact Alexandra Kyrke-Smith:

The impact of VAR technology on the Premier League

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology is about to embark on its debut season in the Premier League and is set to be one of the most significant changes to the English game for some time.

Our latest Sports Fan Panel survey will identify what football and general sports fans really think about the technology and how they think it will impact the Premier League during the 2019/20 season.

The technology has become a major talking point in recent years with its introduction into some of Europe’s major competitions and more recently the Women’s World Cup in France. With decisions unclear and fans in disagreement, VAR has come under scrutiny in the Champions League for contentious decisions such as the Kimpembe hand ball against Manchester United and the controversial Mo Salah penalty for Liverpool in the Champions League final.

In fact, without the influence of VAR on some of the decisions in the Women’s World Cup, Lionesses forward Ellen White would have claimed the golden boot after seeing two of her goals disallowed during the competition.

The technology is being utilised in the Premier League during the 2019/20 season to ensure that referees are reaching the correct decisions. However, some of the decisions reviewed by VAR in other football competitions have caused controversy leaving some players, managers and fans frustrated.

The survey will cover topics such as:

  • The standard of refereeing in the Premier League
  • The impact of VAR technology on the Premier League
  • The impact of VAR technology on fan experience
  • The importance of VAR technology on referee decisions

It is clear that Premier League referees need support, but will VAR provide the answer?

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F1 Fan Voice makes the shortlist at the 2019 Leaders Sports Awards

Leaders have today announced the shortlist for the 2019 Leaders Sports Awards, the global search for companies who are shaping the future of sport.

Over 450 entries were submitted by a wide range of companies from 31 countries during the 9 month process and now the final 25 companies shortlisted for this year’s Leaders Sports Awards have been revealed.

Goodform and Formula 1 have made the shortlist in the Innovation category with their entry of the award-winning F1 Fan Voice and have a third award win for the research platform in sight.

The Innovation shortlist includes:

  • 5G Remote Production by BT Sport/EE
  • DAZN by DAZN
  • Executive Huddle by San Francisco 49ers and SAP
  • F1 Fan Voice by Formula 1 and Goodform
  • The Emirates FA Cup: Bringing match footage to global audiences, in real-time by The FA and Twitter

This year’s awards have proven vastly competitive with high quality entrants from all corners of the globe. The entry for the F1 Fan Voice stood out for its impact in the sports industry, consistently impressing the judging panel of over 100 esteemed sport industry experts.

For more information on the F1 Fan Voice and the value it adds to Formula One, click here.

For more information on the Leaders Sports Awards and the other companies that made the shortlist, click here.

James Worrall, Founder & CEO of Leaders Sports Awards said: “Congratulations to all those shortlisted. We had a record year for entries and the quality of those entries showcased the strength of sport across the globe. The judging was particularly tough. This year’s shortlist is a masterclass of innovation and creativity within the industry and we’re looking forward to a great night announcing the winners in October during Leaders Week.”

The celebration for the Leaders Sports Awards will take place on Wednesday 9th October 2019 at the iconic Natural History Museum, London.

Netball tops the list of ‘growing sports’ for fans as the UK’s appetite for major events remains insatiable

As summers of sport go, it doesn’t get much better than 2019. We’ve witnessed arguably the most exciting Cricket match of all time as an unforgettable Cricket World Cup drew to an even more unforgettable close to see England crowned Champions. We’ve witnessed semi-final runs for Vitality Roses at the Netball World Cup, and the Lionesses at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We’ve witnessed the longest Wimbledon men’s final of all time (if you could drag your eyes from the Cricket, that is) between two of the sport’s greatest ever players, and near flawless tennis from one of the women’s games newest stars as she demolished a great champion to claim the women’s title.

And all of this before a home Ashes series, and a Rugby World Cup to look forward to later in the year. 

In Goodform’s Sports Fan Panel latest research, netball tops the list of sports that fans perceive to be ‘growing’, highlighting the impact of Commonwealth success and a home world cup on the sport. Cycling too fares well, ranking second ahead of Rugby and Football – suggesting that British Cycling’s aim of making Britain a true cycling nation is well on its way.

Formula E (which, incidentally, those working within the industry recently voted as the biggest growing sport) completes the top 5, highlighting that the return of the London race for the 2020 season is sure to be a hit with the UK audience.

The Sports Fan Panel research shows, too, that there remains a huge amount of positivity towards hosting major events in the UK:

…and whilst we love to see a British team do well, the two most important factors in a UK-hosted event being a success are seen to be the creation of a lasting legacy and boosting local economies.

With several more UK-hosted major events on the horizon – not least the Rugby League World Cup in 2021 and the Commonwealth Games in 2022 – the event organisers will be looking to emulate the successes enjoyed by both cricket and netball during this fantastic summer of sport, as British fans look set to be treated to some of sport’s greatest spectacles for many years to come.

Join the Goodform team: Account Manager position available

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, proactive and ambitious Account Manager to join our team. As an Account Manager, you will be part of a data-led, innovative team and responsible for the creation of marketing campaigns and strategies to promote leading sports teams, leagues and major events.

The successful candidate will lead and deliver on effective and expert client account management, guiding clients on techniques to meet their key objectives, data/fanbase growth, customer engagement and/or commercial growth. Whilst building strong relationships with clients, you will have a focus on creating strategic campaign and data/fanbase growth plans, based on data insights, and managing the process through to implementation.

What working for Goodform means:

  • Working for a leading CRM, Insight and Sports Marketing Agency in the UK
  • Working within the sports industry alongside leading Sports Organisations, Rightsholders and National Governing Bodies
  • Working in a full-time role in our inclusive and dynamic Warwick office
  • Working in a fast-paced and passionate environment

For further information on the role, its responsibilities and applicant requirements, click on the link below.

To apply for this role please email your CV and a covering letter to using the subject line: Account Manager Application

Closing date for applications: Friday 26th July 2019

iSportconnect Insights highlights the industry’s biggest challenges

iSportconnect Insights was launched in March by Goodform and iSportconnect, designed to shape industry discussion and to provide quality market intelligence about the trends driving the sports business – directly from those working at the heart of the industry. The inaugural survey focused on industry challenges in 2019 as well as sports betting in light of recent legislative changes.

The results of this first survey were unveiled at the CRM & Ticketing Masterclass in London. Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research and Insight, shared the results with Masterclass attendees ahead of her participation in an expert panel on Driving Engagement Through Data and Audience Understanding.

In the first survey, members were asked to identify the top challenges facing the sports industry in 2019, with the top 5 challenges perceived to be:

  • Attracting and engaging younger audiences
  • Financial sustainability
  • Attracting sponsorship
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Declining TV audiences on linear platforms

Formula E was selected as the top growing sport in 2019, followed by MMA, Football, Basketball and Netball.

Respondents also selected Rugby World Cup as the biggest event of 2019, winning by a wide margin, ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in second place and the ICC Cricket World Cup in third place.

To obtain the full report, or for any questions regarding the panel, please contact Alexandra Kyrke-Smith here.

You can take part in the second survey, focused on the key area of Data & Analytics, here. By signing up to the panel at the end of the survey (which will take no longer than 5 minutes) you will then receive future reports directly to your inbox.

Goodform commits to Time to Change scheme

Goodform has officially signed up to Time to Change’s Employer Pledge to demonstrate a commitment to changing attitudes towards mental health.

On Monday 3rd June 2019, the pledge was signed by Goodform’s Owner, Alison Dalrymple and Managing Director, Michael Jones. The pledge has since been signed by the entire Goodform team to show a further commitment across the staff base to opening up conversations around mental health and supporting each other’s wellbeing.

Joining over 900 employers in England who have also signed the pledge, by taking this step Goodform is demonstrating a commitment to promoting health and wellbeing amongst employees. By creating a safe, supportive and inclusive working environment, our pledge to the Time to Change programme is designed to change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and make sure that employees who are facing these problems feel supported, whilst reducing the stigma associated with mental health.

In order to join the scheme, Goodform has created an Action Plan detailing the initiatives that will take place throughout the year. Having recruited Employee Champions to support the Pledge, Goodform’s commitment includes access to an Employee Assistance Programme, the introduction of a Wellbeing policy, sharing information around mental health and wellbeing in monthly newsletters to all staff members, and regular fundraising initiatives for Goodform’s chosen charity, Mind.

Talking about the Employer Pledge, Goodform’s Managing Director, Michael Jones said, “The wellbeing of our staff has always been of paramount importance to us and we are therefore delighted to add additional structure and commitment to this by signing the Time to Change pledge. Working alongside colleagues who put themselves forward as Champions has already been a rewarding experience, further enhanced when sharing our pledge with the rest of the staff. We have chosen to support Mind charity this year in our internal fundraising events. This will give us all a great chance to commit much needed funds but also learn more about how we can spot the signs of those who may need our support whilst helping to remove the stigma that those suffering with mental health issues often find themselves in.”

You can read more about the Time to Change Employer Pledge here.

Success for Goodform at the 2019 Sports Business Awards

Friday 31st May saw further success in 2019, as Goodform picked up the Silver award for Agency of the Year at the Sports Business Awards 2019.

The prestigious awards afternoon spanned across 18 categories and was attended by high profile CEOs, athletes and industry leaders from across the country. In a highly competitive category, the Agency of the Year award was recognised for the overall commitment to and understanding of sport demonstrated across a wide range of categories.

2018 was a flagship year for Goodform with high-profile clients acquired (F1, Formula E, Tottenham Hotspur, England Athletics) and longstanding clients retained with significant growth of services. Development of two bespoke platforms has enabled even greater value for clients and move the industry forward.

Highlights of the year included the launch of the F1 Fan Voice platform, helping Tottenham Hotspur FC manage the engagement with Season Ticket Holders and Members during the transition to their new stadium, driving interest, engagement, new audience and ticket sales for the Athletics World Cup, and delivering research on Safe Standing for the EFL with over 33,000 responses leading to a parliamentary debate.

Commenting on Goodform’s Silver Award, the judges stated:

“Goodform deliver on a seriously large scale; constantly gathering insights to inform their campaigns: seriously impressive.”

“A pioneer in sports data management, development and utilisation, the agency continues to go from strength to strength. Their growing list of clients is very impressive as they continue to lead the way in this area. They have undoubtedly made a major contribution to commercial development in the sport as their client retention shows the value of their offer. All solutions are tailored to individual needs providing the service each organisation needs.”

Speaking about the success, Goodform’s Owner, Alison Dalrymple said:

“We are delighted to be recognised with the Silver Award in the prestigious Agency of the Year category. Amongst strong competition, it is further reward for our teams outstanding contribution across our expanding client base. We are very grateful to our clients who welcome us in to the heart of their businesses.  We love our work; empowering the business of sport and harnessing data to effectively inform strategy and drive commercial return. It’s a pleasure to share our progress with the esteemed judging panel and we will strive to go one better next year!”   

Yahoo Sports Technology Awards Success for F1 Fan Voice

Goodform and Formula 1 are delighted to have won ‘Best Technology for Fan Engagement’ at the 2019 Yahoo Sports Technology Awards for F1 Fan Voice.

The Yahoo Sports Technology Awards is a unique celebration of technology-led innovation across the sport industry, with winners from around the world across 14 categories.

On a shortlist including BBC Sport’s VR App for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Dimension Data’s work on the 2018 Tour de France, F1 Fan Voice caught the judges’ attention for its innovative use of online market research panel technologies and the impact which the platform is having not only on fans but also on Formula 1 as a business.

F1 Fan Voice, which launched in April 2018 and has grown to over 65,000 members, provides open channels of communication between Formula 1 and its fans, allowing their views to be heard at the heart of the sport, whilst also rewarding and engaging via prize draws, giveaways and exclusive content.

Speaking about the win, Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Goodform’s Head of Research & Insight, said, “We’re delighted to see F1 Fan Voice recognised at the Sports Technology Awards. For us, F1 Fan Voice represents true fan engagement – allowing the sport’s fans to influence key decisions and giving them a direct touchpoint with the organisers of the sport they love. It’s fantastic to see so many F1 fans interacting both with each other and with Formula 1 on the site, with fan insight playing a pivotal role in decision making at Formula 1 as a result.”

Matt Roberts, Global Research Director at Formula 1, added, “It’s fantastic to take home another award for F1 Fan Voice, beating some tough competition in the process! Along with Goodform, we work hard to ensure that F1 Fan Voice is not just a research platform but also a tool for real fan engagement – we focus on delivering value back to members of the community via sharing the insight back to fans, exclusive blogs, competitions, Q&As and games. F1 Fan Voice epitomises the ever-closer relationship between Formula 1 and its fans and we’re very pleased to see this recognised with this award.”

For more information about Goodform’s research services please contact

Sports Fan Panel Insight: the growth of US sports in the UK

The popularity of US sports in the UK is continuing to grow with no signs of slowing down, according to recent research from Goodform’s Sports Fan Panel.

As the first to host games in the UK, the NFL remains ahead of the NBA and MLB in terms both of awareness of its UK fixtures and the level of interest in attending, with almost half (43%) of those who stated that they were interested in the NFL saying they’re likely to attend the NFL in London in the next few years.

The overall consensus also seems to be that holding US sports in London is a positive – for the sport, for fans, and for London – with 56% agreeing that holding fixtures in the UK is good for London.

When it comes to encouraging attendance at fixtures, however, there is clear appetite for fixtures to be held elsewhere in the UK as well as in London – with almost half saying they would be encouraged to attend NFL, and a third for each of MLB and NBA, if there were matches held outside of London.

It doesn’t just stop at the big three, as well – almost half of those surveyed said they’d be interested in seeing NHL played in the UK, and 29% would be interested in seeing MLS too.

But when we asked about our treasured Premier League going abroad for a 39th game, there was less enthusiasm on show – only 19% said that they felt positive about this idea!

For more information on the Sports Fan Panel, please contact Alexandra Kyrke-Smith:

Twitter | LinkedIn

Double shortlist success for Goodform at the Sports Business Awards

We are delighted to announce that Goodform has been shortlisted for two categories at this year’s Sports Business Awards. Having enjoyed previous success at the Sports Business Awards in 2017, where Goodform was named ‘Best Business Serving Sport’, in 2019 Goodform is shortlisted for both Agency of the Year and Best Fan Engagement Programme.

2019 marks the first year that the Sports Business Awards have included ‘Agency of the Year’, adding an extra competitive edge to the category as each finalist sets their sight on becoming the first winner. The award recognises the overall commitment to and understanding of sport demonstrated by the agency in areas such as Advertising, PR, Design, Social & Digital media and other forms of promotional marketing – and the judges will be looking for creativity, insight and clearly defined client outcomes within these areas.

Goodform has also been shortlisted for Best Fan Engagement Programme for their work with Formula 1 on F1 Fan Voice. The judging panel will be assessing this award by looking for evidence of creative programmes used to engage and interact with fans, providing clear examples of successful engagement.

The winners will be announced at the lunchtime awards ceremony on Friday 31st May at The Brewery London, where Goodform will be looking to claim another award for their work on F1 Fan Voice following success at the Mediatel Awards earlier this year as well as aiming to be named as the inaugural Agency of the Year.

Goodform deliver for Six Nations for an eighth successive year

Goodform and Six Nations have once again been working together in 2019, seeing fantastic results off the pitch as the Championship came to a close this weekend in a thrilling Super Saturday. Tries, counter-attacks and extraordinary comebacks made this year’s Guinness Six Nations one to remember as Wales were crowned Champions with another Grand Slam win.

Building on from a fantastic year of data growth in 2018, Goodform and Six Nations have built on this and the successes of previous years in what’s their eighth year of partnership. Goodform’s work with Six Nations during the 2018 tournament saw a significant increase in database size with over 150,000 new fans signing up. Email campaigns achieved an average open rate of 47% whilst sponsor content via email received excellent exposure with over half a million views.

As the official CRM agency of the Six Nations, Goodform’s remit remains to drive data growth, increase fan engagement, and encourage traffic to the official website, mobile app downloads and participation in the fantasy game. This year, work has taken place on the data infrastructure to fully integrate all data sources, resulting in deeper audience understanding and facilitating automated journeys, as Goodform and Six Nations seek to view fans in a more holistic manner by understanding all fan touchpoints with the tournament. Goodform’s work this year is also focusing on delivering value to Six Nations partners, including Guinness, with whom Six Nations announced a title partnership deal in advance of the Championship.

“We have worked closely with Goodform for a number of years now and have been extremely encouraged by the progress we have made in that time. We have had a very successful 2019 to date. One of our key objectives is to grow an extensive fanbase that we know and can communicate to with the right messaging. We have enjoyed an upward curve in terms of growth over the last five years with Goodform’s consultancy and services helping to achieve that.”

Shane Whelan, Digital Manager, Six Nations

 “Once again, we’re delighted to extend our partnership with Six Nations, now into its eighth year. Our focus for the 2019 Championships remains not only on data growth, but also on creating an environment that allows for a much deeper audience understanding across the Six Nations fanbase. The insights this creates will be used to deliver targeted, creative campaigns to fans and to continue to drive value for Six Nations, the National Unions and commercial partners alike.”

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight, Goodform


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Goodform & iSportconnect launch new Global Sports Industry Research Panel

iSportconnect insights, powered by Goodform, is a new global research panel for sports business professionals, exploring key trends within the sports industry.

Designed specifically to shape industry discussion and to understand the views of those working at the heart of the sports industry, iSportconnect insights will give sports business professionals the opportunity to have their say on the most topical and thought-provoking issues of the moment – with all insights shared back directly with those who take part.

The panel launched yesterday with the initial survey focusing on sports betting. The panel also gives members the opportunity to state which topics they’d like future surveys to focus on.

“We are excited to be launching this initiative with our friends at Goodform,” said iSportconnect COO Ray James. “Their research expertise across high profile sport industry clients makes them the ideal partner in iSportconnect insights, which will not only create valuable information that we can share with our community but help us to serve our members more effectively.”

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight at Goodform, said: “Understanding what fans and participants think and feel is an integral part of what we do at Goodform, and we’re looking forward to delving deeper into the views of those working within the industry via this new panel. The panel has been designed with a view to delivering value to those taking part and to informing discussion around key issues impacting the direction of the sports industry – and we’re excited about the insights it will produce!”

The new platform will carry out six short surveys a year.

Learn more about the initiative in the short video below in which we hear from Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight at Goodform.

To take part in the first survey and sign up to the panel, click here.


F1 & Goodform win ‘Best Custom Media Research Project – Media Owner’

On Tuesday 19th February, Formula One and Goodform claimed the award for ‘Best Custom Media Research Project – Media Owner for their F1 Fan Voice entry at the Mediatel Media Research Awards (MMRA’s) 2019. The MMRA’s, now in its fifth year, celebrates world-class innovation in survey design, creativity in data communication, insight and research effectiveness.

Among the winners at the lunch were Wavemaker UK, ITV, Channel 4 and Newsworks, with Thinkbox taking the Grand Prix prize. In a particularly competitive category, both Goodform and F1’s delivery of in-depth audience understanding, and global fan engagement within the platform saw them come out on top at the awards.

F1 Fan Voice launched in April 2018 based on a need to better understand fan attitudes and behaviours to inform a fan-centric marketing strategy.

Delivering a wide array of insight across the business, F1 Fan Voice has provided the much-needed vehicle to deliver several projects focused on broadcast and media including F1 TV (F1’s OTT streaming platform), TV coverage and on-screen graphics. A tracking survey is used to get feedback on F1 TV after each race, with the product team tweaking the product throughout the season based on fan feedback. Additionally, the platform has provided F1 with a 360⁰ approach through the blogs and forums, with F1 TV forums allowing fans to post feedback directly to the product team. Additionally, on-screen graphics for the 2019 season have been revised following fan feedback via an online survey and a world-wide programme of online focus groups conducted by the Goodform team.

Speaking at the awards, judge Denise Turner, Insights Director at Newsworks, stated: “The project cleverly used innovative research techniques at scale, and the results have been embedded into the ongoing development of F1.”

Commenting on the win, Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Goodform’s Head of Research & Insight, said, “It’s great to see F1 Fan Voice recognised for excellence not just within sport but in the media industry more widely. We work closely with F1 to ensure that the research carried out via F1 Fan Voice is actionable, and directly impacts across different areas of the business. It’s been a particularly important platform in relation to F1 TV and we’re looking forward to building on this in the 2019 season.

Matt Roberts, F1’s Global Research Director added, “The ability to get fast-turnaround feedback from such a large number of fans via F1 Fan Voice has enabled us to take fan views into account where we weren’t able to previously. The feedback on F1 TV and our broadcast feed more generally that we receive has become an integral part of how we continue to evolve and improve these for fans. We’re delighted to have beaten some strong competition to win at the Mediatel Media Research Awards and see our hard work acknowledged!”


Goodform & F1 shortlisted for Yahoo Sports Technology Awards

Goodform and Formula 1 have been shortlisted for the Best Technology for Fan Engagement award at the 2019 Yahoo Sports Technology Awards.

The awards showcase the leading innovations from the sector’s most dynamic brands and is judged by a panel of global industry experts.

The shortlist for Best Technology for Fan Engagement relates to F1 Fan Voice, an online global research community for F1 fans which launched in April 2018.

F1 Fan Voice capitalises on the unique levels of engagement amongst sports fans via innovative use of online market research panel technologies. Representing the first of its kind by an international sports governing body, F1 Fan Voice is a digital community which epitomises Formula 1’s transition to a progressive, fan-centric organisation with insight at its core.

F1 Fan Voice is a research community first and foremost, and its always-on nature means that all members (currently 55,000+) can be invited to take part in a survey in an instant – with results immediately available for viewing by the Formula 1 team. In making research so much more accessible, the platform has fundamentally changed the culture of the business at Formula 1.

Discussing the value of F1 Fan Voice, Matt Roberts, F1’s Global Research Director, said, “F1 Fan Voice makes data and research much more accessible to all teams. Consequently, stakeholders across the business are much more bought in to the value that fan insight brings. The ability to conduct fast turnaround research with such an engaged group of fans is invaluable, and feedback is being shared with the F1 teams, the F1 race promoters, F1 global sponsors as well as the FIA, ensuring decisions are being made with fan views taken into account.”

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight at Goodform, added, “It’s been great to see F1 Fan Voice grow so quickly since its launch. We work closely with F1’s research team to ensure the insight the platform provides is maximised, including overlaying F1’s global segmentation on all findings to further understand differences between fan segments. We’re looking forward to seeing even more growth on the platform in 2019 and supporting F1 as they lead the way with fan insight and engagement.”

Sports Fan Panel delivers Ryder Cup insight

UK sports fans say the 2018 Ryder Cup encouraged them to watch more golf on TV, that many would enjoy the event more if they better understood the format of the competition, and also express interest in a new golf competition with both men and women competing.



Those were among the extensive findings gleaned from the market by Goodform through its Sports Fan Panel research (see above).

With over 10,000 sports fans signed up, the Sports Fan Panel provides a unique window into the wider UK sports market with nearly 1700 of them taking part in this survey, conducted shortly after the Ryder Cup took place in Paris in September.

Speaking about the findings, Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Goodform’s Head of Research & Insight, said: “It’s great to see some really interesting insights emerging from this piece that are applicable not just to golf but to the industry more widely. In particular, there is a clear appetite for formats which give a higher profile to female stars, potentially playing alongside their male counterparts. It was also interesting to see such a high proportion of those surveyed stating that they had been inspired to both play and watch golf more as a result – highlighting the importance of capitalising on major events to drive participation.”

Listen to what Alexandra and Goodform’s Marketing Director Joe Kyle have to say about the company’s approach to research, the Sports Fan Panel and the Ryder Cup piece:

The growth and value of F1 Fan Voice

In April 2018, Goodform and Formula 1 launched F1 Fan Voice, an always-on global research community. Providing fans with opportunities to feedback, engage and interact, whilst also enabling Formula 1 to constantly develop its audience understanding, F1 Fan Voice has quickly come to represent best-in-class digital fan engagement.

In just 8 months, F1 Fan Voice has enabled its 50,000 members to influence decisions on core elements of fan experience, including race weekend format, TV coverage and F1’s digital platforms. The platform has also been widely used by F1 teams and commercial partners.

Initiatives such as monthly prize draws to win Paddock Access tickets for Grands Prix and exclusive Q&As with Ross Brawn and Sir Jackie Stewart reflect F1 Fan Voice’s focus on delivering value to fans, as well as providing an unprecedented level of insight back to the business.



Matt Roberts, F1’s Global Research Director, said, “F1 Fan Voice makes data and research much more accessible to all teams. Consequently, stakeholders across the business are much more bought in to the value that fan insight brings. The ability to conduct fast turnaround research with such an engaged group of fans is invaluable, and feedback is being shared with the F1 teams, the F1 race promoters, F1 global sponsors as well as the FIA, ensuring decisions are being made with fan views taken into account.”

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith, Head of Research & Insight at Goodform, added, “It’s been great to see F1 Fan Voice grow so quickly since its launch. We work closely with F1’s research team to ensure the insight the platform provides is maximised, including overlaying F1’s global segmentation on all findings to further understand differences between fan segments. We’re looking forward to seeing even more growth on the platform in 2019 and supporting F1 as they lead the way with fan insight and engagement.”

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Goodform wins ‘Best Business Serving Football’ at the FBA’s

On Thursday 22nd November, Goodform claimed the award for the ‘Best Business Serving Football’ at the Football Business Awards 2018, winning the category for a second time in three years.

As well as the continued work with retained clients including the EFL, Watford FC and Brentford FC, 2018 saw Goodform work closely with Tottenham Hotspur FC on their new stadium project.

Goodform has been the EFL’s official e-CRM and Data Services partner for the past three years, instrumental in delivering comprehensive data and fan insight both centrally and across the EFL clubs. In the 2017/18 season, Goodform delivered key research projects that have informed key strategies for the EFL and its clubs.

These include the ‘Stand Up for Choice’ survey on safe standing, which received over 33,000 responses. This project demonstrated that 94% of fans want the option to choose between standing or seating while 69% said they would rather stand than sit during games. The findings were used during the parliamentary debate on the issue on 25 June 2018.

Additional insight projects have informed the international marketing strategy for the EFL’s streaming product, iFollow, as well as delivering insight to all 72 EFL clubs on fan match-day experience – evidencing the extent to which Goodform’s work impacts across the industry.

Speaking after the event, Michael Jones, Managing Director said:“We’re delighted to win this award for a second time. Goodform has a wide reach across the majority of the 92 professional league clubs, predominantly through our data, CRM and research work with the EFL. We also have long term retained relationships with Clubs in the Premier League. For Watford we manage all of their data and insights via our Sportswise platform and for Tottenham Hotspur we have worked closely with them in the lead up to moving in their new stadium”.

“As an agency, we are incredibly fortunate to have acquired an outstanding team of hard working and talented staff. We all love what we do, and our reward is the long term client relationships we enjoy from delivering a consistent high level of support and ROI. It is also fabulous to be recognised by the Football Business Awards which in turn gives us a bench mark to aspire to and improve on next year”.



Goodform shortlisted for Football Business Awards 2018

Goodform have been shortlisted for the ‘Best Business Serving Football’ at the Football Business Awards 2018. The shortlist follows on from Goodform winning the category at the 2016 awards. The event will take place in London on the 22nd November 2018.

Goodform’s football clients include the EFL, Watford FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Brentford FC. Goodform’s work with the EFL over the course of the past three years, as official CRM & Data partner, has seen significant insights and value delivered both centrally and across the EFL clubs.


Goodform continues to drive engagement for Natwest Six Nations

Goodform has been retained to deliver a CRM programme for the 2018 NatWest 6 Nations, and the Women’s Six Nations, which both got off to thrilling starts at the weekend.

Goodform has been official CRM agency since 2012, playing a key role in increasing fan engagement, driving traffic to the official website, encouraging mobile App downloads, and participation in the Fantasy Game.

All campaigns are driven by in-depth data insights and key learnings from engagement across previous campaigns, which has also seen impressive results for key partners throughout the last six years.

Michael Jones, Goodform’s Managing Director, said: “The NatWest 6 Nations is internationally renowned as Rugby’s Greatest Championship and continues to go from strength to strength both on and off the field. Goodform is proud to have played a key role in driving data growth and increased fan engagement over the course of the last six years, and we are focused on ensuring that we build on these successes in 2018 and beyond.”


British Cycling gears up for more and better data

The UK’s fastest-growing two-wheel sport just got even faster. That’s thanks to a comprehensive project completed by Goodform which has boosted British Cycling’s prospective membership database.

Goodform’s work not only analysed existing customer data, but also harnessed several previously-untapped data sources and touch points. All have now been combined into a central data warehouse.

The warehouse now provides a single customer view of everyone connected to British Cycling, whether a rider or ticket-buyer for a cycling event – or both.

“It means we can now embark on highly-targeted communications strategy to people we know a lot more about” says Terry Greenwood British Cycling’s Head of Membership Services and Insight. “Goodform applied an insight-led approach to the data analysis project, rather than a straight amalgamation of our various existing data sources. This approach revealed touch points where we had collected data, but not considered part of our integrated marketing efforts.

“In turn, it means we are now much better placed to understand our customers’ relationship with cycling, enabling us to cross sell products, services and events. It means we can enhance the attraction of cycling further.”

Leading the analysis was Goodform’s Abigail Cockayne, who notes: “Apart from the more relevant dialogues British Cycling can now create with it’s followers, this work can have a profound effect on the financial stability of the sport. It means the governing body is better placed to leverage existing sponsorships by providing more intelligent activation opportunities – and arms them with really hard evidence to attract new commercial partners.

“The insight-led methodology we employ is intended to generate genuine sustainability for sport, allowing them to secure their present and flourish in the future.”